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Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding support is valuable for a variety of reasons, from encouragement and emotional support to guidance and assistance with complex clinical situations. Mothers benefit from all kinds of support, and it is important to receive the right kind at the right time. As a parent you can directly contact a breastfeeding consultant when you have questions about, or problems with, breastfeeding. Alternatively, you can also be referred by a GP, paediatrician, paediatric consultation clinic, or receive a recommendation from a friend, neighbour or midwife. Timely help and support can prevent breastfeeding issues to become either confusing or even insurmountable.
A consultation provides the individual breastfeeding care that meets the needs of both mother and child.


Baby Wearing and Infant Care Support

Beside individual infant care support I am also a babywearing educator, certified by the Trageschule Wien. You can visit my workshops, gaining a lot of experience wrapping the Babys in love.
Available for babywearing: woven wraps in various lengths and material, ring slings (short wraps with sew-in rings), stretchies, various carriers with buckles and/or tying straps, wrap conversions, Mei Tais, Onbuhimos and african slings.
For practical experience I work with special Demo-dolls.

In many cases home-consultation is the most effective way for me to observe both parents and child. During the home-consultation I will ask a wide range of questions in order to assess the situation and propose a fit-for-purpose recommendation. This will be based on your specific request for help and ultimately you decide how you want to feed or carry your baby. When required I can also examine the baby's mouth or the mother's breasts.
An average initial home consultation takes about an hour-and-a-half and includes an aftercare check via telephone or a brief email exchange. After my visit you will receive a report of my findings and recommendations.

Costs and Insurance
Many health insurance policies cover parts of the costs of breastfeeding consultation. Some insurance companies require a written referral from either a GP or midwife.
Home-consultation :

The rate for breastfeeding support through a home visit is € n.a.,- / hour, which includes costs for travel up to x km, a written report. After the first home visit, contact via telephone or email will be charged separately.
The rate for baby carrying support or infant care. is € n.a.,- / hour. Follow-up (by phone or mail) on the learned techniques are always free of charge.

For distances exceeding x km an additional cost of  € n.a.,- will be charged.
Follow-on subsequent house-calls / Emails are € n.a.,- for each additional 15 min.

After a home-consultation, email- or telephone-consultation I will send you a digital invoice. You can pay either online or with cash, the payment is due within 14 days on IBAN xxx for "xxx  #".

Contact Information
To make an appointment you can call me daily between 10:00 and 18:00. Please leave a message if I cannot answer the phone and I will call back as soon as possible to schedule an appointment. Feel free to message me in English. I am bilingual so it will be no problem conducting the lesson in fluent English.
You can also use the contact form at the register called "Kontakt".
I am based in Lower Austria, but I also cover Vienna and Klosterneuburg. If you live further away we need to discuss this (extra fee might apply).
By booking you will need to accept my terms and conditions.

It would be a pleasure meeting you and your Baby,

Elisa Steiner



Quality Assurance

I'm a breastfeeding consultant - IBCLC, which means that I have the internationally recognized certificate of the International Board of Certified Lactation Consultants, a professional organization with over 28.000 members worldwide. I'm also a member of the German Association of Breastfeeding Consultants (BDL) and I observe the rules and regulations of the World Health Organisation (WHO), including those covering privacy issues. Should the situation require information exchange with other care providers, I will always ask your permission first, or recommend you to contact them yourself. For consultation appointment concerning problems with Breastfeeding or other special baby care support, please fill in the printed form that I will send you, which assists me by judging your situation. If you're not satisfied with my services I would appreciate it if you discuss the issue with me first.

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